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So what do we actually do? and how do we do it?


We donate miracle bread mixes...

*Just add water
*Three ingredient (flour, salt & yeast)
*One dough, endless possibilities
*Recipe on back & QR code linking to more recipes


These bread kits are the easiest way to make homemade bread. You don't need a mixer or a bread machine, you don't even have to knead (although i think that's the best part). All you have to do is add water, mix, shape and bake.

To organisations....

Such as schools, food hubs, prisons, charities and community groups. Our main focus is to benefit children and vulnerable adults who might not ordinarily be given the opportunity to learn how to make bread.


Check out the amazing organisations who are already breaducating their community.

Who, with the help of our resources can then breaducate their community!

Every community is different, which is why we support breaducators to tailor their class to what works for their organisations individual needs and schedule. 
Whilst schools may teach a bread roll class tying into their students curriculum, food hubs and banks may use the kits and recipe cards to put into their monthly food boxes. There is no "one way" to breaducate.

Interested in how hosting a class would work? have a look at this page.

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