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Breaducating Britain ambassadors are the awesome individuals and bakeries raising awareness and funds for Breaducation. Either with funky Friday bakes or any method they prefer.  

Interested in becoming an ambassador?

The orange bakery

Hobbs house bakery

The Orange bakery in Watlington Oxfordshire makes 10 limited addition loaves (with funky flavours) every Friday and donates the profit to Breaducation.

Hobbs house bakery has been an inspiration to us from the beginning. They have added a 'support Breaducation' tip to their online checkout which they will then match fund.

Leavened bakery

Leavened is a brilliant sourdough bakery and coffee shop in Stevenage. Every Friday they make 10 funky flavoured loaves and donate the profit to Breaducation.


Signorelli bakery

Signorelli is not just an incredible bakery in East London but their wonderful founder Rebecca is also part of our Breaducation board.

Lily's loaf

Lily's loaf is a plant based micro bakery in South London. Lily was our first Ambassador! Lily is soon to open a shop and will support Breaducation with funky fridays.

Loaf tin bakery

The loaf tin bakery in Saffron Walden,  bakes 10 funky flavoured loaves every Friday (funky Friday) and donates the profit to Breaducation. 

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