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Bakeries Breaducate!

Bakeries are at the heart of communities and they do incredible jobs making nutritious bread. However due to high labour costs and limited supplies, it can be hard to make good bread accessible for everyone.

Breaducating Britain is a resource for bakeries to have a large impact on communities whilst have a low impact on their business.

How it works


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Using one of our fundraising models or your own unique one. Raise funds (there is no too little).
£1 pays for 1 kit


-Just add water
-Three ingredient
-Makes a 900g loaf
-Multiple recipes instructions and QR code on back.

Donate to a school, food hub, community group etc 
Using our donation page, donate the profit and email us with who you'd like the kits to go to either;
-Any organisation who needs them. See our 90+ Breaducators 
-Or an organisation local to you.

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No matter how many kits you fund, you'll always know who they go to. You'll become a Breaducating Britain ambassador! And will receive a little sticker you can display on you window so customers know of your support.  

Ways to fundraise

Kit tip

Add a £1 'kit tip' to checkout so that customers can donate a kit whilst checking out their bakes and beverages.


Special bake


Either create a special or choose an existing bake from which you donate a percentage of the profit to breaducation. This could be a daily item or one you sell once a week/ month. For example at the Orange Bakery in Watlington they do funky Friday where they sell 10 limited edition funky flavoured loaves every week and donate the profit to Breaducating Britain.

We can supply you as many kits desired, all at cost. Which you can then retail and donate the profit from.


Retail kits

Get creative!

Breaducation is just as much our project as it is yours because 'we all need good bread'. If you have an idea how you'd like to generate kits and get involved, go for it.

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