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Sharing the joy and life long skill of bread making

How our program works

*Just add water
*Three ingredient
(flour, salt & yeast)

*Makes a 900g loaf
*One dough, endless possibilities
*Recipe on back & QR code linking to more recipes
We donate Miracle bread mixes 
resources, support and tailored videos
*Breaducation 101 lesson plans
*Tailored recipes and videos 
*In person demo (depending on availability) and talk about my story -how baking helped me overcome anxiety and depression.
*Consultancy and support answering any questions.
Making bread can feel intimidating let alone teaching others to make bread. The truth is making bread is not rocket science, in fact it's actually incredibly easy and with the right tools incredibly rewarding.  

Since Feb 2023 98 organisations have  used over 15,000 kits to share the skills of bread making with their community. The majority of these organisations had never made bread before themselves. 
These bread kits are the easiest way to make homemade bread. You don't need a mixer or a bread machine, you don't even have to knead (although i think that's the best part). All you have to do is add water, mix, shape and bake.
to organisations who can then use them to breaducate their community!
There is no 'one way' to breaducate....
*Schools have taught classes turning kits into rolls, pizza and flatbreads. Many have even tied bread making into their curriculum.
*Food hubs have put them in meal boxes with printed recipes.
*Prisons have made them into loaves and served at meals.
The main focus is to benefit children and vulnerable adults who might not ordinarily be given the opportunity to learn how to make bread. Checkout some of our breaducators..

Note; This project is self funded with profits from my bakery and a few lovely individuals

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