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Funky Friday 101

Breaducation- who actually are we?

We're a non profit organisation, sharing the skills and joy of bread making with children and communities in need.

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Funky Friday is a way bakeries can get involved in Breaducation whilst doing what they do best, bake great bread.


What do we do?

We donate easy to use bread kits...
-Three ingredient
-Using the no knead bread method
-Recipe and QR code (linking to more recipes) on back of each kit.
-1 kit costs just £1
-Kitty's Kits | Recipes ( 

To organisations who use the kits to teach classes or give to their students/ community.
-We've already worked with over 95 organisations (mainly schools) all round the country and donated over 10,000 kits.
-You can see many of them on the website 'who' page
We've had great feedback and many returning organisations.

Funky Friday

Funky Friday is our way of fundraising for Breaducation.

How we do it


Every Thursday we cleave of
10kg of our white sourdough,
put it in a bucket and fold in
some funky flavours.


We then sell it with a description, and donate the £30 profit to Breaducation.

This then pays for 30 kits which goes to a Breaducating organisation.

How you can do it


Make 10 limited addition loaves.


Sell them with a little Breaducating Britain sign. Click here to download


Using our donation page, donate the profit and choose who you'd like the kits to go to- either one of our Breaducators or an organisation local to you.

Becoming an ambassador

By doing funky Friday even just once you will become a Breaducating Britain ambassador but if you can do it on a routine basis that would be even better and help us spread the word! Check out our ambassadors.

-Know exactly who and where your kits go to.
-Get a Breaducating Britain ambassador sticker (to be displayed on windows in the way you would display a health and hygiene rating) completely optional, but lovely to let your customers know your support.
-Feature on our website and socials.

As an ambassador you will..

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